Trystan Lea

A Mid Terrace House Energy project

Published: 9th April, 2018

Updated: 30th November 2020

In September 2017, my partner Claire and I bought a mid-terrace house near Llanberis in North Wales.

This blog documents the process of exploring what we could do to bring the house a little bit closer to the standards and technology mix outlined in the ZeroCarbonBritain scenario for a sustainable energy future.

Here’s a picture of the house (we’re the blue one!) nestled on the edge of a particularly wild corner of Snowdonia.


The house:

The house is really near both Claire’s new work and the OpenEnergyMonitor office cutting down our driving mileage significantly from the years before where I lived 20 miles further from the office and Claire lived in South Wales.

Since moving in we have done the basics such as painted, installed an induction hob, fixed the leak in the shed and switched to a green electricity tariff. Then in early January 2019 we installed an Air-source heat pump which has been working really well see: Heat pump: One year on, model vs measured.

The next series of blog posts will explore the building fabric, heating requirement and heating system in detail, and I will be using of course the open source monitoring and energy assessment tools that we have developed at OpenEnergyMonitor as part of the process.